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Black magic spells are meant to attain a wide range of negative outcomes. Thus, the umbrella of dark magic spells includes hurt spells, evil eye spells, nightmare spells and so on. Death spells are also a part of black magic spells. In this case, you don’t kill the person directly. But you will create a negative aura around the victim with the help of magic that will make him terminally ill- and eventually he will die.
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often wonder how some individuals can effortlessly attract money and that too
within a short span of time. One cannot learn about attracting wealth and
building financial prosperity through courses in economic theory. The Golden
rule is that you must not indulge in worrying about money; if you remain
fearful then in spite of the universe’s abundance the world will reflect the
anxiety back to you impoverishing you. Giving what you can will effectively
bring money back to you.
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