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    Know More about Agile Testing

    Agile testing is the methodology to test the software applications following the principles of the Agile model software development lifecycle. In agile model testing, all the stakeholders are involved and all are responsible. Right from the client to the team manager to the developers to testers, the responsibility is equally distributed and hence the result will be perfect.

    Another advantage of Agile methodology is that the development and testing are going side by side. This will help to fix bugs at an early stage of development so the time consumption and cost of development can be reduced considerably.

    With these attractive advantages, agile model gained enormous popularity and more and more developers are resorting to this methodology which has increased the demand for agile testers. In order to meet the increasing requirements, many Agile testing training programs have come up in recent years. Most of them are online tutorials which help working professionals and students pursuing any other regular courses to learn the topic and to make a big career in Agile testing. https://itelearn.com/blog/about-agile-testing/

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