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If you have been burned carpet surface, then it is easy for you to fix cigarette burnt marks. You have to to cutoff the fibers from an area which is hidden or unnoticeable and fix it on burn hole. You can also repair your damaged carpets with the help of the professional carpet repairer. I had been taking an advice from "Creative Carpet Repair" when, cigarette burnt my expensive carpet and they suggested various DIY techniques.
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If small hookah burns marks appear on your carpet and you want to hire a professional carpet repair for this carpet problem, then you need to know how they fix burn marks in your carpet. They cut the damaged fibres with scissors and sandpaper comes in handy to scrap off the black matter that remains after burns. Then they cut the repair materials from a hidden area and replace the damaged fibres with it. If you have time, then you don't need to hire professional for your small burn marks. By following DIY steps You can also repair your damaged carpet by yourself.
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