Courtroom is no longer the bread earning venue of law graduates. Private sectors need their services as well which means that a degree in law from a top law university in UP or that matter top law colleges anywhere else in India can accelerate your career in the right direction. However, it is of utmost importance that you choose a law school which has the expertise and the infrastructure to offer quality law education.
Practising law in courtrooms is still popular but it by means is the sole option for lawyers in India to apply their knowledge of law. Emergence of new sectors and rules and regulations brought in by the Government for their efficient management has significantly upped the demand for people who possess the knowledge to understand and interpret these laws.
The primary objective of this four and half year professional course is to equip students with the latest knowledge, technologies, tools and applications in the field of design and construction of buildings. An architecture program from a top level institute gives the participants a global overview of the discipline and steer their profiles in a strategic way so that they can achieve their career aspirations and make meaningful contributions in their chosen profession.
The craze for engineering education has led to mushrooming of engineering institutes in different parts of the country. A degree from an inferior engineering school will offer little assistance as you endeavour to give a meaningful pace to your career. Bottom rung institutes offer admission based not on a student’s merit but his /her paying capacity. Any student is offered admission who is willing to pay their high tuition fees. The degrees as such awarded by them carry no weight or prestige in the job market.
Well-established engineering schools with top class mentors, high class facilities and special emphasis on doing things by learning could help you quickly develop the ability to apply the knowledge you have gained in the classroom to real world settings. Sound understanding of engineering problems and solutions combined with the knowhow of applying this knowledge in practice can enable you to quickly ascend the steps of success as a law professional.
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